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Exercise: Pleasure? or Penance?

Today, we're diving into a hot topic that we've seen over and over again - and even I’m guilty as charged!

Picture this: a patient walks in, disheartened, and exclaims, "I'm putting in so much effort, but the scale won't budge!"

They spill the details of their intense exercise routine; hours on the treadmill or grueling Orange Theory/Peloton sessions. Frankly, they seem to hate every minute of it! Why do they keep at it? To shed some pounds, of course!

But wait, is exercise self-care or just a form of torture?

Grab a cuppa and join Marchelle and me for some real talk on why we exercise and what it means for our mental and physical health!


Episode Highlights:

(12:25) ā€ŠSometimes people will use exercise as a way to regain control over their bodies when they feel overwhelmed or insecure in other aspects of their life. This was one of my unconscious motivations for my intense exercise regimen back in the day, because other aspects of my life felt out of control, and this was one area where I knew that I was in control. So I got really rigid about setting these goals, and I was super rigid about what I was eating, and it would totally distract me from all the other stuff in my life that felt out of control.

(16:26) We want to uncouple this relationship between exercise and fat loss, we want to stop thinking about burning calories with exercise. Exercise does help improve insulin resistance and blood sugar metabolism, no question about that, but it's much better in terms of maintaining your weight than losing weight.

(25:16) Develop a self-compassionate approach. Be much kinder and more forgiving towards yourself. Remember that your worth is not determined by your appearance, it’s not determined by your exercise routine, no matter what social media seems to think, it's just not. So challenge any negative thoughts and beliefs that drive this punishment mindset.


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