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I can bend over without hurting myself!

I know this is a journey. It is about more than sugar, eating too much, and sitting all the time.

Dr. Angela is not only teaching me about food, but about habits, emotions, loving yourself and more. Journey Beyond Weight Loss brings in the support to continue my personal journey of weight loss and being happy in my own skin.


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4 Stages of Weight Mastery


I am more “awake” and have much more energy than I have in the past.

I think more clearly and can process the difficulties of life with greater ease. While the scale is only a small part of the whole, I have lost 25 lbs and more importantly my clothes are loose, meaning I have also lost inches.

JBWL provides a safe and supportive place to address the areas of your life needed for lasting change. If you have had only partial or short-lived success with your health/weight journey in the past, JBWL provides a holistic approach that has the power to provide lasting change.


After menopause, I no longer felt in control of my weight.

By the time I was through menopause, I had put on 15 pounds and I realized I had to do something drastic before my daughter’s wedding! I wasn’t comfortable anymore with how I felt or looked and I certainly didn’t want my all time high weight being memorialized in wedding photos, which were supposed to reflect one of the happiest days of my life.

Determined to lose the weight, I went to a dietitian who had me noting every mouthful of food I ate...I was not to exceed 1300 calories a day. I was constantly hungry, and was able to lose 13 lbs before the wedding.

Unfortunately, it was a short lived victory.

Soon after the wedding, I stopped tracking every little thing I ate and within 6 months I had gained back all the weight I’d lost.

That’s when I joined Journey Beyond Weight Loss.

I learned how to nourish both my body and soul with JBWL’s unique holistic approach.

I will never have to go on the diet roller coaster again.


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4 Stages of Weight Mastery


I will never be on a “diet” again.

Journey Beyond Weight Loss guided me through taking a hard look at all the underlying things I was doing to myself that perpetuated that fruitless cycle of weight gain, dieting and deprivation.

I’ve moved from “hoping” I could ever change my eating habits and relationship with food- to KNOWING I will choose to live a healthy life that allows be to be my most vibrant and best self.

I am no longer thinking about the “treat days” or worrying that the number on the scale is a direct reflection of my worth as a human being.


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4 Stages of Weight Mastery


The self care has been LIFE CHANGING for me.

It’s helped me get through some disappointments, it’s helping me get through Covid.

I’ve learned to set boundaries. Now this will help me get through this plateau and be a stronger person.

The self care has been remarkable.



  • Waking up with boundless energy excited to start your day
  • Opening your closet...and knowing everything fits
  • Enjoying family activities, knowing you're able to keep up
  • Feeling confident and happy at parties or family gatherings
  • ​Not obsessing over everything you put in your mouth
  • Being able to relax because you know your weight loss is on autopilot!
  • Walking through life with your head high, your shoulders back and reveling in the fact that you’ve become exactly the woman you want to be!

This isn’t some fairytale list. This can be your new reality.
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