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The Tricks Our Brains Play

Have you ever stepped on the scale with confusion, wondering why your weight is going up even though you've been eating right?


You may be a victim of your own primitive brain! Our latest podcast dives into how our inner saboteur can silently undermine us as we strive for weight loss success – don’t miss out on these sneaky tricks!


Episode Highlights:


(05:29) I just want all of you, our beloved listeners, to just ask yourself; what kinds of excuses does your primitive brain make up so that it can get its dopamine hit?

(06:58) “The exercise halo effect” happens to me all the time: I just worked really hard in the gym, so this treat is just fine. I do notice that on leg days I do get a little bit more physically hungry, but I also have to really monitor my primitive brain because my primitive brain will have me thinking “it's okay”. I have to really pay attention to when I'm actually physically hungry on these leg days because so much of the time my primitive brain's like “You know that those leg workouts are really hard on you, and so your body's just gonna need more food so you can have more”.

(10:24) Remember to just start to notice all of these excuses that your primitive brain is making depending on where you are on the journey. You may not have enough practice yet not to succumb to the urges, and that's just fine. I don't want you to think anything's going wrong if you do end up following your primitive brain, I just want you to be thinking about this and developing some awareness around it.


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