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Is it a Desire? Or a Decision?

Today, Marchelle and I talk about the difference between a desire and a decision. We compare these two statements “I want to lose weight and get healthy” vs “I will lose weight and get healthy.” While they sound very similar, one creates an emotion of hope while another generates action plans in your head without even trying!

If we want to evolve our lives, it’s important that we learn how to make decisions and take action. Listen in as we discuss what happens in our brain when we make a decision, and how to overcome our brain’s natural unwillingness to make decisions and take action! 

Episode Highlights:

(02:47) The difference between “I want to lose weight and get healthy”, and “I will lose weight and get healthy” is a subtle change in words, and yet not so subtle change in the feelings and actions that these two sentences generate. So that's not just a desire, that's a decision, it generates confidence, determination and empowerment.

(06:06) There's very little power in wishes and hopes and dreams, but there is a lot of power in making decisions because decisions generate action. Once we've made a decision, we are compelled to act.

(11:30) When we make decisions, we learn to back ourselves up. So we remind ourselves that there are no wrong decisions. When we make a decision, we will take action, and in taking action, we will either succeed or we will learn. There's no such thing as a wrong decision because there's no such thing as failure. There's only success or learning.


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