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How to Overcome Doubt


Are you ready to dive into a thought-provoking and empowering episode? In Podcast #127, we're addressing a topic that's probably crossed your mind more than once: Doubt. πŸ€”πŸ’ͺ


πŸ” In this episode, you'll learn:


  • 🌟 Exploring Doubts: We'll delve into common doubts that often hold us back from achieving our weight loss goals and discover how they can become significant barriers to our success.


  • πŸ’­ Fear of Failure: Discover how the fear of failure can manifest in our weight loss journey and how it's linked to the tendency to wonder if our efforts will truly make a difference.


  • πŸ›£οΈ Unfamiliar Territory: Learn why the weight loss journey can feel like uncharted territory and how to overcome the fear of the unknown.


  • πŸ” Comparing Ourselves: Find out why comparing ourselves to others can lead to doubt and how embracing our unique journeys is essential for success.


  • 🧠 Understanding Your Brain: Gain insights into the different parts of your brain involved in doubt, from the prefrontal cortex to the habit brain, and how they influence your thought patterns.


  • πŸ”‘ Breaking the Cycle: Discover how to break free from the cycle of doubt by examining your thoughts, focusing on growth opportunities, and changing the way you view setbacks.


  • πŸ’‘ Mindset Work: Explore the empowering concept that doubt is a natural part of any journey, but it doesn't have to be a roadblock. Learn how to shift your mindset and turn doubts into stepping stones toward success.


  • πŸ“š Empowered Weight Loss: If you're looking for support, guidance, and a community of like-minded individuals on your weight loss journey, learn about the enlightening resources available at


Tune in to gain a fresh perspective on doubt and how it can shape your weight loss journey. Remember, doubt is a normal human emotion, and by understanding its psychology, you can build resilience and confidently work towards your goals. 🌈🎯


As always, if you find this episode insightful, don't hesitate to share it with friends and family who might benefit from it. πŸ€—


Stay empowered and confident on your journey, and remember that your potential is always greater than your past! 



Episode Highlights:

(07:08) β€ŠThe weight loss journey done well is a journey of profound personal evolution because you have to learn how you think. You have to get to the root of your thinking patterns, you’ll want to pay very close attention to these sabotaging thinking patterns. They're old thoughts and they're baked into our psyche, and we have to go in and examine them, ferret them out and reprogram them.

(14:14) Everyone is going to have a very unique weight loss journey, even identical sisters. We have a set of identical sisters in our practice, they have the exact same genetics and they have very different weight loss journeys. So even having the same genetics does not mean that you're going to have the same type of weight loss journey, so please don't ever compare your journey with anyone else's journey. Everybody is different and everybody has unique factors that they're working with.

(17:51) The past does not predict the future unless you let it; your potential is always greater than your past. Doubt is normal, you don't have to listen to doubtful thoughts. Your potential is always greater than your past. With these thoughts, you will build resilience and you will stay committed to your goals.


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