Journey Beyond Weight Loss

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How to Enjoy the Weight Loss Journey


Do you ever feel like sticking to a weight loss plan is just punishing yourself? Finding yourself constantly dwelling on mistakes and wondering if you'll ever have that "perfect" body?

But imagine this: What if you cheered yourself on every step of the way to your healthy, vibrant body? Can you feel the motivation already?

Don't miss out on this week's podcast. We're about to reveal the secret to losing weight without the self-flagellation!


Episode Highlights:


(06:05) It actually doesn't even matter what your goal is. The idea is that you just pick something and you follow it through, and you practice managing your primitive brain in the process. It's as if you're teaching yourself that you're perfectly capable of doing hard things.

(11:38) None of these excuses are true. They're just excuses that the primitive brain is using to keep everything the same. And so you just tell your primitive brain, I hear you, but I’ve got goals. And you make a plan.

(14:25) Every step along the journey where you recognize this obstacle showing up and you overcome it, you get to have a mini celebration and you get to think about the “future you” that you're creating. So in this way the journey to lasting weight loss becomes a journey of self-congratulations rather than a journey of self-flagellation. Most of us have been dieting for decades, and we're beating ourselves up all along the way, so we need to shift it; congratulate ourselves every time we overcome an objection from our primitive brain. It's a really powerful way to achieve lasting health, and you'll have a ton of fun in the process!


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