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How Food Silences Us


Have you ever thought about giving yourself a virtual "timeout" with food? 


You may never have thought of it that way! From young ages we can be quick to stuff down the bad vibes, and let's face it - food is just so darn convenient!


Let Marchelle tell you what happened to one brave student in Empowered Weight Loss while I talk candidly about how many years I spent muffling my own feelings without knowing. 


This kind of self-awareness is truly profound!



Episode Highlights:


(07:03) β€ŠThe journey to lasting weight loss is a journey of profound personal evolution. Of course, you know that you shouldn't be eating sweets and chips, but if you have been using these foods to console yourself when you feel sad because your husband seems to prefer golfing over spending time with you, and you don't know how to speak up about it, you won’t be able to make any massive changes until you address the underlying root cause.


(11:21) Oftentimes our parents or caregivers try to keep us quiet with food treats because they don't know how to help us deal with negative emotion. They've never really learned how to deal with negative emotion themselves. Let's say that you were bullied at school, and mom says “here's some candy, that will help you feel better”. They don't really know how to help you manage the negative emotion or how to process it. So eating will soothe the negative emotion so that we don't feel it, and then we end up tolerating things that would otherwise be intolerable.


 (16:55) My urgent need to eat was a negative emotion that I didn't want to feel, but that was actually a really powerful calling from the highest part of me that knew that I needed to move forward in my life, that my time of staying home with the kids needed to come to an end. They were getting older, they were getting more independent, they didn't need me as much. It was time.


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