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Why Weekends Seem Hard

The weekend can be infamous for breaking all your hard work, so why not join us on this week's podcast and find out how to combat it?

Stop allowing two days of the week to ruin all that good behavior from Monday through Friday! Learn how you too could break free from those pesky weekend habits!

Episode Highlights: 

(11:00) The disease of obesity creates over pleasure from food. A normal relationship with food is like when you were a young child: they're not all that interested in food, even if it's really good food, they just eat, but they're more interested in playing. And so as time goes on, we get a bigger dopamine hit from the food, and then we get more dependent on the dopamine hit, and then we get over pleasure, and overdesire for processed foods. 

(13:35) Alcohol can really be a big issue for people, because a lot of people monitor alcohol on the weekdays because they know they have to get up the next day, and they don't want to be hungover. But on the weekends it's like “well, you know, I could sleep in, I don't necessarily have to worry about how much I drink”. Then the next thing you know, the whole executive function of the brain is switched off. And then not only are they getting all the alcohol calories, but then they're overeating too. 

(18:19) Most of us tell ourselves that it's hard to stay on track with good nutrition on the weekends. And so we prime our reticular activating system to look for all the ways that it's hard to stay on track on the weekends. And the reason our brain is finding all of these excuses is because we're telling ourselves it's hard, and our brain is looking for all the ways in which it's hard. So what if we prime our reticular activating systems in a different way? What if we tell our brains it’s not a problem to eat well on weekends too? 


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