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New Years Intentions


Usually, during this week between Christmas and New Years, I take time off from the clinic; I love to use this time as time to reflect and think about what I want this next year to look like!

Many people use this time to set resolutions. I don’t know if you’ve noticed it or not, but Resolutions have gone out of favor, because most of us never really follow through on our resolutions. 

So I decided to use science to guide me, and instead of setting resolutions, I set intentions for the New Year! 🎉

Tap your inner scientist as together we explore research on behavior change that will make this coming year one of growth, self improvement, and major accomplishments! 


Episode Highlights:

(09:23) BJ Fogg has developed a model for behavior change. He explains that when something is really difficult to do, like go to the gym and work out on the treadmill for an hour every day, it requires too much motivation to last for any long period of time.

(15:53) The “activation threshold” is that point where it's so easy that it takes no motivation, and you can just do it without a problem. So just going to the gym and driving into the parking lot and then leaving if you want, is easy. And that will get your brain used to that idea of driving to the gym, if that's what your goal is.

(20:36) The one habit that will serve you the most and requires almost no effort is to plan your meals for the next day the night before. Remember when your primitive brain is making your food decisions, you'll go for whatever's most tasty and most convenient at the moment. Your primitive brain is interested in pleasurable things and fast convenient things, and in this modern food environment that might mean a trip through the drive-through. So your primitive brain is incapable of making good food decisions.


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