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The Power of One Sentence

Did you know that one sentence has the power to make or break you in your weight loss journey?

It’s true…. Because sentences are thoughts, and every thought we think has the power to create our reality. Tune in to this week’s podcast as Marchelle and I talk about those pesky little sentences that lead us down paths of trouble… and we’ll show you what to do to correct them!

This is a very powerful episode to listen carefully!

Episode Highlights:

(9:07) It’s important to supervise our brain and question everything we think, and ask ourselves, how does this thought make me feel? If it's not good, it might be a good idea to drop that thought, even if it seems so very true. If it doesn't feel good, it won’t help me live the life of my dreams.

(16:33) Many of the thoughts that don’t serve us have been running through the back of our minds for decades. And so you don't get rid of them…but that doesn't mean that you have to listen to them.

(20:42) You cannot lose weight and keep it off if you allow yourself to keep thinking those same old dream-stealing thoughts!


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