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How to Avoid Thanksgiving Weight Gain


 Happy Thanksgiving!

It's that time of year again- when we think about food and how much it tastes better than anything else in the world. But don't let yourself go into overload on Turkey Day! Today, Marchelle and I discuss 8 ways you can have a Happy Thanksgiving without gaining weight (and still enjoy all your favorite dishes).

Episode Highlights:

(03:05) Most of us just sort of move through our lives and we're just reacting to everything around us, so it's really important if you wanna lose weight and keep it off, that you stop that behavior. And that goes for Thanksgiving too. So here are the three potential things that you could do:

The first is to just say, I'm gonna have a splurge meal, I’m gonna eat everything I want to eat, I'm not worried about it. I really wanna have a wonderful Thanksgiving splurge.

Approach number two is to have a moderate splurge. So you pick a few things that you really enjoy that are kind of special Thanksgiving treats for you, and plan how much of it you're having.

The last approach is to treat Thanksgiving like you'd treat any other day; you eat your protein, and your vegetables and you're very careful with your carbs.

(17:30) Anytime that you're having a hard time with temptations, just excuse yourself, go to the restroom and read through the list of things that you wrote down of people you appreciate, things about your life that you appreciate and that will help to replenish your willpower. Because being in that energy of appreciation. You just don't need food to make you feel better. So don't hesitate to excuse yourself if you need to.

(18:18) Whatever happens, decide not to beat yourself up the next day if you happen to overindulge. So if you don't follow your plan, don't beat yourself up, it's simply not that big of a deal. Just get rid of all the leftover pie and the bread and get right back on track with your normal eating, and you're gonna be just fine.


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