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Halloween Treats

Halloween is coming up this weekend! Do you have a strategy for getting through this “candy holiday” without backsliding in your weight loss efforts?

Join Marchelle and me in this week’s podcast - we’ll give you fun and creative alternatives to candy for the little ghouls and princesses who come to your door for treats, and we help you understand a little more about what food marketers are up to this time of year!

 Have a safe and FUN Halloween!

Episode Highlights:

(06:30) Remember, sugar is a drug that's eight times more powerful than cocaine… so we don’t want to be passing it out to children, and I want you to be thinking like this. Another problem with candy is that it's so hard on the pancreas.

(11:37) Some people will have Halloween cookie-baking traditions. Not such a great idea… So what if you were to replace the cookie baking tradition with some other craft, like painting rocks or making Halloween bows or making jewelry, or something like that… what we’re really wanting is connection with our kids, a time to play and do fun things together.

(14:14) Fall is the start of what I call the “sugar season”. The food marketers are always out there, and it'd be a really good idea for all of us to just start noticing what it is that food marketers do. I want my podcast listeners to become very aware of all of the subtle tricks that the food marketers are doing to try to get you to buy their stuff.


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