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Weight Loss Saboteurs

 Are you struggling with weight loss, wondering if you’ve stalled out?

Or are you gaining weight, but you’re not sure why?

Sometimes there are these little things that we do regularly that slip under the radar, that we don’t realize are sabotaging our weight loss efforts …. and in some instances, actually CAUSING weight gain!

In today’s podcast, Marchelle and I talk about some common (and surprising!) weight loss saboteurs …. So you can ask yourself, could one or more of these things be at the root of my struggles?

Episode Highlights:

(03:01) Weight loss and fat loss are not the same things. If you get on the scale and you don't see any change, that does not mean that you are not losing fat. What I'm talking about is if you feel like you're struggling, don't use the scale, but if it just feels like you're doing everything right and yet your body's not changing, how do you know if your body's changing? Well, your clothes are getting looser. That's the best indicator.

(07:18) What I wanna talk about today are those things that you might not realize that are really stressing out your pancreas and causing you to have to produce a lot more insulin than you might realize. When you produce excessive amounts of insulin, you can't lose weight, and you're probably actually gonna gain weight. So here are some examples that I see all the time:  

    •    (07:40) The first thing that can really re havoc with your nutrition is Starbucks and any other coffee houses like it.
    •    (14:06) Another thing that can thwart your weight loss efforts is juice, like orange juice or cranberry juice, or apple juice. The problem with juice is it gives you all the sugar that's in the fruit without any of the fiber, and it actually takes like five oranges to make a glass of orange juice.
    •    (15:55) Another common mistake that people make and that is yogurts. So you have to be super careful when you're picking out yogurts because so many of them have so much added sugar. So I would recommend just going for plain Greek yogurt, cuz that's pretty high in protein, and then just add your own fruit if you want some fruit.
    •    (17:14) Another common source of hidden sugar that people are eating that they think is healthy and turns out not to be, are some of these protein bars. So the Luna Bars have a total of 24 grams of carbs and sugar that are gonna spike your insulin, and they actually don't have all that much protein, not enough anyway.

(22:50) I want you to just think about all the different types of stress that we're dealing with these days. So stress and anxiety can keep you from sleeping well. Stress can come from being overworked,  or from being an over exerciser. All of these things can increase your cortisol levels. Cortisol is the stress hormone that can sabotage your weight loss efforts.


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