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Mindset Shifts to Reduce Stress


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In this episode, Dr. Angela shares a powerful revelation that she had recently, and it's a game-changer for anyone who struggles with stress eating. Here's a sneak peek of what you'll discover:


🔍 Uncovering the Hidden Stressors: Dr. Angela opens up about a common scenario many of us face - feeling overwhelmed by our to-do lists and seeking comfort in food. Can you relate?


🧠 The Power of Perspective: Learn how Dr. Angela’s "aHa" moment shifted her perspective on stress and self-talk. Discover a simple yet profound technique to reframe your thoughts and reduce stress instantly.


💡 Transforming thoughts: Dive into the discussion about the language we use internally and how it impacts our stress levels. Hint: It's not about denying responsibilities but shifting our mindset.


🌞 Finding Inner Joy: Explore how adjusting your language can lead to a happier, more fulfilling life. Say goodbye to unnecessary stress and hello to productivity and inner joy!


Tune in to the episode to discover how a simple shift in perspective can make a world of difference in managing stress and keeping the weight off. Trust us; you won't want to miss this empowering discussion!



Episode Highlights:

(03:02) A MODEL is a tool, a way of helping us understand how our thoughts create our feelings, our actions, and our results.

(04:30) When I omitted the word “need” in “List of things I need to do,” the circumstance became a more accurate statement that just said "List of things to do". And that's when it hit me; How often do I walk around all day telling myself about all the things I NEED to do? "I NEED to clean off my desk", "I NEED to clean up the kitchen" and then when I get all stressed out from everything I need to be doing I tell myself "I need to calm down". It's a vicious cycle, right?

(07:47) Some things do warrant our attention and focus. But I actually think we put way more stress on ourselves than is good for us. I just know that I have this pervasive inner voice trying to keep me motivated by telling me all the things I need to be doing or all the things I should be doing. These types of thoughts actually rob us of our inner joy and stress us out. Wouldn't it be great to just start to notice all those times when we stress ourselves out for no good reason and see what we can do to correct that?


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