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Navigating Obesity and Binge Eating Disorder with Dr. Carolyn Francavilla


In this episode, Dr. Francavilla delves into the physiology behind weight maintenance and how life's challenges can affect your weight loss journey. Discover why maintaining your weight can be just as challenging as shedding those extra pounds and why it's essential to seek support from medical professionals and psychologists.

But that's not all! Dr. Francavilla's expertise shines when she discusses binge eating disorder. Ever wondered how to define it, how to treat it, or if you might have it yourself? Dr. Francavilla has all the answers. She breaks down the American Psychiatric Association's definition of binge eating disorder and provides eye-opening insights into its symptoms and treatment options.


You'll learn about:

- What constitutes a binge eating episode
- How binge eating disorder differs from occasional overindulgence
- Strategies to break the cycle of binge eating

Dr. Francavilla's expert guidance will not only educate you but also inspire you to take action towards a healthier lifestyle. We promise you'll be eager to share these eye-opening insights with friends and family!


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Episode Highlights:

(09:06)  I always think it's really important to recognize that it's not your fault and that there is powerful biology at play and that we live in a world where there's really easy to eat food; this processed food, or what we sometimes even now categorize as ultra processed food where you can't even recognize any of the ingredients. So what is this actually made of? I couldn't make this on my own if I tried, right? I couldn't go buy the ingredients at the store and make this. Those foods are designed to be really palatable. They're really easy to eat, and they're easy to eat too much of, and they're easier for our body to get energy out of.

(6:48) Losing weight is hard, but it's not nearly as hard as keeping it off, because there's a bunch of physiology that kicks in that makes it hard to maintain weight. Then life starts happening and then it's not as rewarding, right? When you're losing weight, it's exciting, but when you're just maintaining it's a lot harder; you don't get that reward every month, you're like “where's the dopamine? Where do I get my reward for doing a good job this month?”

(18:16) Binge eating disorder is defined by the American Psychiatric Association, and essentially it is overeating in a discrete period of time, definitely larger amount than what someone else would in a similar period of time. So you have a two hour window where you're eating a lot of food, but if you ate that entire meal and then afterward you felt compelled to finish your partner's meal and then to go home and eat an entire box of cookies or an entire carton of ice cream or a whole thing of chips, that might be considered a binge eating. And when you're overeating in this time period, you have a sense of lack of control, you feel like you can't stop or you feel like you're going back for more.


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