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The Games our Minds Play

 In this episode, we're peeling back the curtain on the crazy mental tricks that our minds can play on us as we navigate the ups and downs of weight loss.

Tune in as we take you on a captivating journey through the hidden obstacles, the subconscious rebellion, and the infamous Imposter Syndrome that can sabotage even the most determined weight loss efforts.

Picture this: You're doing great for weeks, sticking to your meal plans, exercising, and seeing progress.

But then, just as unexpectedly as success arrived, a voice in your head starts rebelling against the very routines you've established.

Or maybe you feel like you're fighting an internal battle with a well-meaning, yet misguided friend.

Or perhaps you feel like a fraud, questioning your own success and downplaying your accomplishments.

These mind games can be major stumbling blocks on your journey!

We're diving deep into these phenomena, explaining why they happen, and revealing how to break free. 💥


Episode Highlights:

(04:44)  Hidden rebellion is so common; it's like our inner toddler or our inner rebellious teenager comes out fighting and says ”I’m NOT going to follow these stupid rules, I’m going to eat what I want and you can't make me change!” There's an unconscious and hidden motivation to maintain self-autonomy, which essentially means self-guidance, and the idea of doing anything any different, even if it's to your benefit, creates instant feelings of rebelliousness. Sometimes we see this in people who've had childhoods where there was a really strict authoritarian figure.


(15:24) Some signs of Imposter Syndrome are:
1. We attribute our success to external factors.
2. We downplay accomplishments.
3. We fear that we're going to fail, even though we've been successful, we fear that we'll eventually fail and that all our shortcomings will be exposed.

(23:02) When you think about all of these mind games, I think the biggest key is just to develop self-awareness; pay attention to those seemingly insignificant moments when you are about to make a choice that goes against your goals.



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