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How to Stop Dieting

 Ever been "dieting for decades"? Let's face it, the same old mindset and phrases just won't cut it if we're aiming for long-term success!

 Curious to know which words to lose? 

Tune in to this week's podcast where we're spilling the beans on how to finally say goodbye to diets… and hello to success!


Episode Highlights:

(10:39) So people use all kinds of words when they're in a restrictive mindset. Obviously, the first one is the word cheat. I don't like to use the word cheat, I prefer to use the word splurge; A splurge is something you've planned at least 24 hours ahead, and you make the choice deliberately to have a splurge.

(19:16) Exercise is not for burning calories. You exercise because it feels good and because you wanna develop cardiovascular stamina and you wanna keep your muscle strength and your balance. It also prevents depression and those sorts of things. Exercise is really important, but do it for your physical and mental health and not for burning calories.

(22:57) You wanna think of yourself as someone who nourishes your body well and does not use processed food for entertainment or for soothing negative emotions, or for getting yourself through a bad day. So you don't ever wanna diet again. You're just going to learn how to eat normal food in normal amounts and nourish your body well.How to Stop Dieting


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