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The Soap Opera Inside Our Brains

Does your brain have an ulterior motive? 

This week on the Podcast, Marchelle and I are revealing all! We discuss our internal drama - the thoughts in our mind that just don't quit! We'll explore if these 'harmful' ideas have any real benefit, or whether they're simply on autopilot...

Tune in to find out how you can develop strategies for losing weight and keeping it off without being kept hostage by your own brain's pesky drama!

Episode Highlights:

(05:16)  I think the payoff is that we become paralyzed and then everything stays the same, and when everything stays the same, the primitive brain is really happy! It wants everything to stay the same because that means survival.

(10:17) These paralyzing thoughts that bring all this brain drama and are completely designed to scare the crap out of us and keep us right where we are.

(13:17) If you follow these thoughts out, the feeling that they create is one of discouragement or even worse shame, and then you're completely paralyzed and you're unable to take any real action that will get you the results that you want. So it's just super important to become an observer of all of these little thoughts that our brain is presenting to us. Just because our brain presents a thought to us doesn't mean that it's true or even very helpful!


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