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Harmful Thoughts

Have you ever heard the saying, "Everything starts with a thought?" Well it's true!

Our Empowered Weight Loss membership is all about learning how to think on purpose and understanding that your thoughts create your reality.

But here comes the tricky part - many of us don't realize our own patterns of thinking or their impacts!

Recently I had an experience where I identified some “helpful” thinking as being detrimental - turns out, sometimes what we think is beneficial can be exactly what derails us from achieving our goals!

Join Marchelle and I this week as we demonstrate how to pin down those harmful mental hijackers, so you can spot corrosive thoughts before they cause too much damage.

Episode Highlights:

(04:49)  The goal here is to slow down all of these thoughts that we're thinking all the time so that we can attain a sense of peace and detachment.

(08:30) Notice the thoughts that say, “I’m not enough, and in order to be enough, I should be doing something different”. It's actually a very harmful thought. This is the beauty of doing this thought work, you get to discover these types of thoughts and then correct them.

(11:08) We all have all these thoughts going through our heads all the time, and it's this constant litany of thoughts that would seem to be motivating us, but they in fact turn out to be quite harmful… if you think about what happens if this goes on for years and years and decades unchecked, we feel like the only way to escape these constant critical thoughts is to distract ourselves with technology, some sort of food treat, alcohol, or some other drug… some sort of buffer.


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