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How to Get Back on Track

Jan 31, 2024


In our latest episode of the Keep the Weight Off Podcast, we dive into a topic that resonates with so many of us - getting back on track after the holidays, vacations, illness, whatever it may be!


In this episode, Marchelle and I...

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Reverse Engineer Your New Year's Goals

Dec 29, 2023


Ever wondered why those New Year's Resolutions never seem to stick? Why the initial enthusiasm fades away by February? We've been there, too!

So this year, we're flipping the script and showing you a powerful method that actually works.


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The Power of Good Questions

Oct 18, 2023

We're back with another exciting episode that's going to change the way you approach your weight loss journey. In this episode, Dr. Angela and Marchelle dive deep into the power of questions and how they can be a game-changer for your success.


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How to Manage Your Mind

Sep 13, 2023


In our latest episode of the Keep the Weight Off Podcast, we dive deep into three powerful strategies that will revolutionize your weight loss journey:


  1. Set Realistic Goals Discover why setting achievable goals is essential for...
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