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Empowered Weight Loss

Ready to get serious about your weight loss goals? Let's talk Empowered Weight Loss Membership (or EWL for short)! 

Marchelle and I have been raving about it on the podcast, so we decided to give you an insider scoop of why this program could be a game changer. 

Through EWL, discover how to reset your metabolism for fat loss, retrain habit loops in the brain AND address unconscious blocks that may stand between you and lasting weight-loss success - making sure no rock goes unturned! 

EWL really has the whole spectrum covered! The program is designed with one goal in mind: helping YOU develop lasting weight loss resilience skills…What are ya waiting for?!

Episode Highlights: 

(06:30) I discovered that helping someone learn how to THINK is the most important part of helping them achieve weight loss that is lasting. And the great thing is that when you use your weight loss journey as practice ground for learning how to THINK, you become unstoppable in all areas of your life… So I'm teaching you not just how to nourish your body, but I'm teaching you how to think! 

(10:40) I firmly believe that the body's biochemistry responds to whatever emotional state you are in. There is scientific evidence that validates that, and it will be really hard to maintain weight loss if you're in a chronic state of stress, overwhelm, anger, resentment, or self-loathing. So I'm helping you, first of all, get in touch with your emotions and then move yourself up the Emotional Scale into higher and higher emotional states.

(17:02) A lot of our listeners may have a goal of getting their health back and losing weight in 2023, so I'd encourage you to do it the right way this time and join us in Empowered Weight Loss! In order to do that, you just go to to sign up.



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