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Goal Weight

Nothing says "Happy New Year!" like hashing over the oh-so-important topic of goal weights! 

This week's podcast is full-to-bursting with insights and tips from Marchelle, who knows from experience what not to do when it comes to reaching your goals!

So don't be afraid - turn up that volume and tune in for an enlightening chat about how you can go further than ever before this year!

Episode Highlights:

(10:49) โ€ŠWhen we do really restrictive stuff to try to get to a certain body shape or goal weight or whatever it is, we end up rebounding later and gaining all our weight back!

(15:14) Words don't teach. You can hear me say things all day, every day, but until you actually experience it yourself, that's when you really learn. So you heard me say over and over again “goal weights aren't important”, “your weight doesn't matter”, but until you actually went through this and you experienced it yourself, that's when you really learned it!

(23:00) “Arrival fallacy” is a term that was coined by Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, and the idea here is that we go all out in pursuit of a goal, in this case it's getting to our goal weight, and we get this great feeling of accomplishment, but it doesn't last… We thought that achieving our goal would bring us everlasting joy and happiness, but that doesn't happen. So then we're left thinking, well, now what?


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