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What is Cardiometabolic Health?

 Don’t wait until 2023 to start caring about your cardiometabolic health- the stats are showing that it's prime time for you to act now!

Recent studies have shown an alarming trend - only 7% of Americans score “healthy” in measures of cardiometabolic health. I find that shocking!

That means most folks need a major wellness makeover and fast, otherwise they could be at risk for some serious outcomes like stroke or heart disease. So if you're ready to tackle this important issue head on, tune in with Marchelle and me as we dive deep into everything there is to know about keeping our bodies fit & healthy … right here on the podcast!

Episode Highlights:

(07:17)  Smoking puts you at a very high risk for cardiovascular disease, but it's not the only thing… because you would think that now that so many fewer people are smoking, the cardiovascular disease rates would go down, But they haven't gone down. They've actually gone up.

(14:26) We've known for a very long time that cardiovascular disease is a killer. When I first started out in public health, we were very concerned about smoking, and those of us in the public health world are really proud of our efforts to get people to quit smoking. But now we have other types of factors that are contributing to this.

(15:10) Here are the indicators of cardiometabolic risk; elevated blood pressure, blood cholesterol elevations, blood sugar elevation, having the disease of obesity as indicated by abnormal weight gain, an elevated body mass index or body fat percentage, and lastly, the presence of known cardiovascular disease. Find out where you rank on these 5 indicators so you’ll know your risk!


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