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What Happens When You Give Up Sugar & Flour

'Tis the season for resolutions and topping your list may be losing weight!

But what if you're struggling to stay away from sugar and flour? Don't worry, Marchelle and I are here to help!

Our podcast explores why our brains want us to indulge in junk food - but we'll also show you there is life beyond these processed treats. Tune in to find out how 2023 can become a healthier New Year than ever before!

Episode Highlights:

(04:11) Our primitive brains are always looking for pleasure. That's one of the things that allowed us to survive, to find things that were pleasurable. So the primitive brain says, pleasure means survival.

(08:43) So I want to explain a little bit about what's happening in the brain when we eat processed foods that contain sugar, flour, or both. These substances are basically white powders. So think about all of the addictive drugs that you know of, they're producing hits of dopamine in very high concentrations. Well processed food with it’s sugar and flour causes a lot more dopamine release than natural food, so it's like concentrated pleasure, and your brain really loves that.

(12:10) What I want you to know is that the brain heals, so the dopamine receptors that were downregulated start to come back, and you'll be surprised at how good you feel, how you don't have cravings or this constant need for the crap food, and you discover just how awesome natural food can taste!


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