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A Mother’s Influence

On today’s podcast, I talk about something very personal to me: the recent loss of my mother, which naturally led me to think about how our mothers influence our lives. What I discovered is that mothers - more than fathers in my experience - really bring a sense of stability and grounding to our lives. Mothers are also (usually) our first teachers.

Join Marchelle and me as we reflect on the importance of our mothers in our lives, how they shape our habits and our thinking, and how they continue to influence us as adults.


Episode Highlights:

(11:15) I would encourage each of our listeners to ask yourself, what kinds of eating patterns did you have as a child? How did your particular mother approach food? 

(14:29) You may decide that you want to continue some of these traditions, and that's fine. If you make that decision with knowledge and understanding, that's absolutely fine. 

(16:29) Mothers really and truly are one of our earliest influences, they always want the best for us and they continue to influence us throughout our entire life.



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