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Managing Your Thoughts

Episode 77: Managing Your Thoughts.

Imagine being able to understand your own brain better. It sounds like an elusive goal, but it's not as tough or impossible as you might think! The first step in this journey starts with understanding how the mind works and then making rational decisions about what thoughts are helpful and what thoughts hinder us in our weight loss efforts.

Today Marchelle and I compare cleaning up our thoughts with cleaning out our closets, and we give you some tips for what to keep and what to let go of!

Episode Highlights:

(4:43) Writing your thoughts down is like taking all the clothes out of your closet and putting them in a pile on the floor. You write your thoughts down so that you can take an objective look at them. If you just keep letting them spin around in your head, they just keep spinning and you keep identifying with them. But if you write these thoughts down, you can be more objective about them. You can see that there's a difference between you and your thoughts.

(14:40) If you have a thought that weight loss is hard, then it's going to be hard, and you're going to make it hard because you're going to find all the ways that it's hard. You're not going to see all the ways that it can be easy. We make our thoughts true.

(15:10) Anytime you're feeling a negative emotion and you want to go for the chips or the candy or the ice cream or whatever it is, instead of doing that, just go sit down and write down what you're thinking. Write down what you're feeling, and then you can start doing your own thought excavations. Because I guarantee you that the reason that you want to go for the chips or whatever, is because there's some sort of thought that's creating a negative emotion for you. If you can learn to excavate what the thought is, you're going to have much more success on your weight loss journey.


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