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How The Hell Did This Happen?

This week Marchelle and I wanted to talk about something that happens ALL THE TIME in a weight loss journey. And that is the dreaded weight regain.

Our patients will come into us feeling so ashamed, and they’re asking themselves How in the Hell Did this Happen? I thought I had it under control. I was doing so well! But now I’ve gained a bunch back and it feels SO HARD to get back on track again.

A lot of times this happens after a vacation, or after the holidays, or after something happens in life, like stress at work, going through a separation or divorce, or the illness of someone you care about. And then of course, Covid did a number on ALL OF US.

Believe us, we get it! Tune in to today’s podcast so you can stop beating yourself up, and get yourself back on track quickly!

Episode Highlights:

4:12 Obesity is a disease. It's not a disease like pneumonia, where you get a diagnosis, take some antibiotics and then it's cured. It's actually not curable like pneumonia. So you can’t diet it away.

16:28 Our social norms are against us keeping this disease under control. Unlike many other cultures where it’s easier, in our society it takes a lot of work to eat wholesome nourishing food. It takes planning, grocery shopping, and a willingness to chop vegetables and prepare protein. Most of us still do not understand at all what it means to cook and prepare real food.

20:37 Most people slip up and gain all their weight back because they don't understand all of the obstacles that are in their way. They don't understand that they have a disease, a disease that is chronic and progressive and relapsing and it takes vigilance to keep under control.


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