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Ultraprocessed Food: The New Addiction Crisis


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Happy 4th of July! 🎆

We’re excited to bring you a brand-new episode of the Keep the Weight Off Podcast with Dr. Angela and Marchelle. This week, we’re bringing you up to date on a topic that affects us all: Ultraprocessed Food Addiction.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

- 📚 Insights from the First International Food Addiction Consensus Conference: Discover the latest research and consensus on food addiction.
- 🍔 What Are Ultraprocessed Foods (UPFs)? Learn about the NOVA classification system and how it helps differentiate between natural and highly processed foods.
- 🧠 The Science Behind UPF Addiction: Understand how UPFs hijack our brain’s reward system, similar to addictive drugs.
- 🔬 Health Consequences: Explore the impact of UPF addiction, including mental, social and physical health consequences.
- 🚫 Breaking Free from UPFs: Get practical tips on how to detox from UPFs and reclaim your health!

Dr. Angela and Marchelle share personal anecdotes and expert knowledge to help you understand the real dangers of UPFs and how to combat this growing public health crisis.

Join us in our mission to fight against UPFs and take control of your health. Listen now and become part of the solution! 💪

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Episode Highlights:

(04:19) The conference developed a consensus that food addiction should be renamed "ultra processed food addiction" or “UPF addiction.” If you think about it carefully, most people do not have an addictive response to whole food. We don't get addicted to broccoli, we get addicted to ice cream, pizza, sugary beverages and other factory made foods and drinks.

(16:04) If you think about ultra processed food addiction, people who are in the midst of this addiction can experience a lot of distress; psychological distress, social distress. They will experience medical complications, including obesity, diabetes, and all of the diseases and disorders that go along with obesity and diabetes.

You can compare this with other known addictive substances like nicotine, alcohol or cocaine. The brain chemistry is exactly the same. Ultra processed foods create the same powerful dopamine hit as these other drugs do.

(22:48) I predict that in 10 years, and for sure in 20 years, ultra processed foods will have warning labels on them, the same way cigarettes do. And eventually they'll be outrageously expensive in the same way that cigarettes are, and it won't be long before advertising ultra processed foods to children will be against the law. I hope it happens quicker but we have a powerful Big Food lobby that will use every trick in the book to fight against this.


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