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Is Eating Healthy REALLY too Expensive?


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This week on the "Keep the Weight Off" podcast with Dr. Angela and Marchelle, we're diving into a topic that touches everyone's lives: the real cost of eating healthy versus eating fast food. 🥗 vs. 🍔


Tune in to uncover eye-opening insights that could transform how you view your grocery bill and your health:


🍇 Understand the True Cost of Eating Healthy - Explore why initial perceptions of high costs for nourishing foods like meats and organic vegetables are misleading compared to the hidden expenses of fast food.

🔍 Real-Life Comparisons - Hear from a client who shares her journey from spending $70 daily on take-out to embracing whole foods, and how it changed her financial and health outlook.

🥘 Meal Planning Magic - Learn the benefits of meal planning and how it can reduce stress, save money, and lead to better health outcomes.

💸 Long-Term Savings - Discover the significant savings that come from avoiding processed foods, which not only impact your wallet but also your physical and mental health.

🧠 Health Beyond the Plate - Delve into how processed foods contribute to serious health issues like insulin resistance, diabetes, and even mental health struggles.

🛒 Grocery Shopping Tips - Get practical tips for making your trips to the grocery store less stressful and more cost-effective.


This episode is packed with valuable insights that will make you think twice about where you invest your food dollars. Don't miss it – your body and your bank account will thank you!


We hope you find these insights as enlightening as we did! Looking forward to your thoughts after tuning in.



Episode Highlights:

(07:21) Here you are trying to eat well, and you're choosing nourishing food, and your grocery bill is $150 or $200, and you're thinking "wow it's expensive to eat well" but it feels like that because all of that money is getting spent all at one time.

When you're just spending a little bit here and there on takeout food, it doesn't seem like all that much, but it's actually a lot. When you go to the grocery store and buy all your food all at once, it just SEEMS like a lot more, but it's actually a lot less.

(09:48) There are big savings to eating whole foods in terms of time and money spent trying to diagnose and treat diseases that are caused by processed food. For example, many people struggle with digestive issues like irritable bowel syndrome and reflux disorder … These are a direct result of all the processed crap that we tend to eat. You just can't eat processed takeout food all the time and have a healthy digestive system.

(11:34) There's no question that insulin resistance and diabetes are caused by processed food. One of my colleagues told a group of Obesity Medicine specialists one time: “Let's call a spade a spade: diabetes is ‘processed food disease.’” So the truth is, a processed food diet may seem to be cheap and convenient, especially when you see these $1 or $3 menu items at McDonald's as an example, but it's actually a very expensive diet and it costs a lot in terms of what it does to our bodies and to our mental health.

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