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Embracing the Lessons In Slips


Hey there!

We're thrilled to announce our latest podcast episode, where Dr. Angela and Marchelle dive deep into understanding slips vs. splurges and how to bounce back stronger than ever! 💪


Here's a sneak peek at what you'll discover:


Defining Slips vs. Splurges: Learn the difference between planned indulgences and unplanned slips, and why the language we use matters. 🗣️

The Science Behind Cravings: Explore the role of our primitive brain, gatekeeper neurotransmitters, and the prefrontal cortex in managing our eating habits. 🧠

Identifying Modulators: Understand how emotional states like disappointment, fatigue, and stress can influence our susceptibility to food cues. 💭

Personal Stories: Hear Dr Angela's insightful personal story about navigating slips and discovering deeper lessons about herself. 🌟

Empowering Yourself: Discover how to embrace slips as opportunities for growth and evolution, rather than moments of defeat. 🌱


Feeling inspired? Dive into the full episode now! Don't miss out on valuable insights and empowering strategies to keep you on track with your weight loss journey. 🎧

Wishing you all a fantastic week ahead filled with self-discovery and empowerment! ✨


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Episode Highlights:


(04:16) So a lot of times people will use the word "cheat", like "I cheated" or "I had a cheat meal". I can't stand that word, and the reason is because it's a diet language. It's the language of someone who's been restricting themselves and depriving themselves for a while in an attempt to lose weight.

I used to do that every Sunday when I was dieting and it always brought up feelings of guilt and shame, even though it was planned and it was supposedly okay. And the word cheat has bad connotations, it sounds like you're a bad person and you're doing something wrong.

(09:03) Many people feel like they're fighting themselves constantly trying to use willpower because they're trying to overcome all of this with their prefrontal cortex. Here's what I want us to understand; certain emotional states act as modulators and they change things in our brain. When we're in these states, we're more susceptible to the drives of the primitive brain.

So, for example, maybe we're feeling disappointed about something or depressed about something. Maybe we're in a state of grief or anger. Maybe we're not sleeping well. All of these states can act as modulators to make us more vulnerable to the cues that the primitive brain is always going to be responding to, especially in this food environment.

(19:09) What I'm teaching people in our Empowered Weight Loss Membership is how to figure out the deeper lesson to this; when we have slips like this we can learn a deeper lesson from our slips. Once we figure out what the triggers are and what the modulators are, we can stop beating ourselves up and just get curious. This will give us a chance to evolve.

I love slips because they help us learn about ourselves. When I took the time to discover what was going on, I discovered that I had some boundary issues and they were creating a lot of anxiety for me.


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