Women: Release

Toxic Belly Fat

For Good


Discover the Secret to Lasting Weight Loss

Without Crazy Diets or Punishing Exercise Regimes

Find your waist again. 

Regain your health. 

No more obsessing over food and weight. 

Freedom from the constant struggle.


You'll THRIVE in a HEALTHY, VIBRANT body you are PROUD OF!


This is not just a weight loss program.

This is about living a life of 

Freedom and Peace



Women: Release

Toxic Belly Fat
For Good.

Discover the secret to lasting weight loss

Without crazy diets or punishing exercise regimes.  

I help women THRIVE in HEALTHY, VIBRANT bodies they are PROUD OF!

Find your waist again.

Regain your health.  

No more obsessing over food and weight. 

Freedom from the constant struggle.


This is not just a weight-loss program.

This is about living a life of

Freedom and Peace



The tools and practices in the

Empowered Weight Loss  Membership

don’t just work sometimes.

They don’t just work for lucky people, or for people who are genetically blessed to lose weight fast.


This is effective for ANYONE who applies it.

And that’s the key... 
Without ongoing support, everything you've learned will fade away.

It's like reading a book that you loved, but it ends up on a back shelf somewhere. 


You’ll KNOW what you need to do, but life will distract you from it.
So, it’s imperative that you stay supported, so you can stay on the path to the body and life you want!
        I created this membership so that women like you will never again have to:
  • Feel embarrassed every time you have to catch your breath when climbing up steps
  • Feel too big to move freely and too big to fit easily anywhere like on airplanes or amusement park rides or even tightly packed restaurants
  • Think about your weight all the time and constantly compare yourself to other women
  • Be so completely distracted by your desire to “just be skinny!” that it affects OTHER things in your life like work and relationships!
  • Worry that you might die young!



STOP letting your weight

struggles affect your life.


Getting off sugar and flour is the first step to resetting your metabolism so you can lose weight. And this program definitely helps you do that.

But it's ONLY the first step.


To keep the weight off, you'll want to start working on your thinking, your habits, your emotions, and the WAY YOU SEE YOURSELF in the world. 


This is the part all those other weight loss programs LEAVE OUT. 


time to cultivate the mindset of an EMPOWERED WOMAN, and reclaim the life, energy, and confidence you know you deserve

You deserve to live your life proud of how you look and who you are!

You deserve to feel amazing in your body. 

And you deserve to start that journey NOW!

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All Plans Come With a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Think about all those times that you’ve been on a diet or joined a weight loss program, and you lost the weight, but then gained it all back and then some.

There’s a reason that this happens, and the reason is that keeping weight off is not just about the food. 

Our members will tell you... there is WAY MORE to it than that!

You are going to develop an entirely new mindset, a new identity if you will.

An identity you’re finally proud of and excited to live in each day. 

Yes, I'm Ready!

Look Who's Empowered!


I've lost over 50 lbs in the last year! I honestly feel more self-confident and like a new person. The self-compassion and the ability to set boundaries, those pieces were huge. I learned that I'm not flawed!


It's about Health Beyond the scale! I’m getting physically and emotionally healthier. In the end, the reasons you want to lose weight that have nothing to do with the number on the scale!


I’ve moved from “hoping to knowing" that I could change my eating habits and relationship with food. I will choose to live a healthy life that allows me to be my most vibrant and best self!

Empowered with RESILIENCE

Listen, life is going to be marked by periods of relative ease, when things are going well and you are losing weight or keeping lost weight off easily, and then there will be times when the sh*t hits the fan. 

So you want to be prepared for the fact that it’s going to be a journey with lots of twists and turns. 

I call it "The Messy Journey Back to Yourself."

And that’s what’s different about the program.

You will be empowered with RESILIENCE. 

You will learn the mindset and the skills you need so that you are able to manage the more challenging times without gaining all your weight back. I think this is one of the biggest shortfalls of all of those other weight loss programs out there. They’re diets. “Here’s how to eat.” 

What makes Empowered Weight Loss unique is that you will learn to think differently, choose differently and empower yourself in EVERY area of your life! 


You will discover:

  • How to achieve mastery over your emotions, so eating is no longer your default coping mechanism.
  • How to bust through flawed thinking patterns and reprogram your brain with an Empowered Mindset
  • How to master the art of Empowered Communication to improve your relationships.
  • How to treat yourself with the utmost compassion and respect, so you are your own best friend!
  • How to set boundaries with loved ones, and how to maintain them so you always have a sense of control over your life.


And of course

Stay on top of both the psychological and biological CORE of your specific eating issues so that you can solve them once and for all.

I call it, LOVING YOURSELF back into lasting health. 

There is no other weight-loss program to my knowledge that is run by a medical doctor, that addresses the mental, emotional and physical aspects of weight-loss all at the same time AND offers mini-courses on all of the other areas of life that are affected by this journey.

It’s comprehensive, it’s deep, and it WORKS.  

Sign Me Up!

Here's What to Expect

First, we begin with the Done with Dieting Bootcamp

The Bootcamp gets you started on your metabolic reset, so you can lose weight. You can go at your own pace.  We'll cover the following topics:

  • The 4 stages of weight loss that most diet programs leave out, leading to massive frustration and giving up (Not this time!)
  • The 24-hour plan that keeps you on track without feeling like you’re missing out on life.
  • The SCIENCE of lasting weight loss - by the time you’re done with this Bootcamp, you’ll know more about weight loss than your own DOCTOR!
  • The 6-Finger Plan that makes weight loss EASY.
  • How your brain regulates your appetite and the benefit of weight loss medications.
  • How to cultivate the mindset of a healthy, happy and confident woman once and for all.
  • Simple meal plans you can start using right away that don’t require ridiculous ingredients that no one has in their kitchen.
  • The Secret to crafting a brand-new identity that makes you feel like a MILLION BUCKS!
  • And So MUCH MORE...

Then, It's Time To Build Your Resilience With These Advanced Courses

We work through these advance courses as a group through our weekly coaching calls (which are recorded). Plus, new courses are added throughout the year to support you on your health journey.

Weight Loss on Auto-Pilot

Managing your weight loss requires a holistic approach to setting up routines that support rather than sabotage.

For example, did you know that you are more likely to lose weight faster if you get at least 7 ½ hours of restful sleep every night?

We’re going to talk about food prep, exercise, sleep, fast and simple daily practices... and a whole lot more!  By the end of this module you’ll have written your own Happy Body Blueprint complete with new rituals and power habits that make you feel AMAZING every day!

Emotional Mastery

When I meet new patients, I always ask them, "do you struggle with emotional eating?"

And most everyone looks at me and says, “Well duh, of course!”

And that’s why this mini-course is so important.

Understanding and managing your own emotional life is a key to developing resilience and learning to solve problems without turning to food or alcohol for emotional comfort.

Wouldn’t it be great to STOP being triggered by the comments your mother, partner or boss make?

In Emotional Mastery, you’ll get crystal clear what your set of saboteurs are, the triggers that send you spiraling, and learn “control on demand,” your own personal reset process that keeps you in charge of your own emotions!

Your Identity Reset

The Reason Diets Never Work for you.

There are three reasons - what’s in the food, what your body does with it and the biggest culprit….your identity block!

Most people who struggle to lose weight need an identity makeover- this is the work that helps you step into the identity and mindset of a healthy, in-shape, confident and magnetic woman!

This is where we delve into that fundamental, all-important, rarely discussed topic of loving yourself, which is a critical component of a joyful, healthy life.

There is so much life-altering wisdom in this course, you are going to be blown away.

Over and over again, Empowered Weight Loss members have told me they wish they had known this stuff years ago!

The Ongoing Journey

Let’s face it, maintaining your weight loss is hard, but you do not have to try to do this on your own.

That’s why, in this module you’ll learn exactly what to do if you feel yourself slipping, BEFORE you start gaining any weight back.

And armed with your Happy Body Blueprint and your Identity Reset, you’ll be able to instantly re-set yourself and get back on track!


When You Join, You Also Get...

Individual Coaching = The True Gold

What you will discover is that your thoughts create your results, however most of us have no idea what we are thinking.

Thought errors can derail us at every turn!

Take advantage of your own personalized 20 minute coaching session once a week, with me or another certified life coach on my team and we'll help you discover the hidden commitments that are holding you back. 

It's like having your own psychologist in your back pocket!

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Recurring Coaching Calls with Dr. Angela to help you stay on track and answer questions as they come up for you.

Join Dr. Angela and other Empowered Weight Loss members as we work through the mini-courses together.

This is a powerful way to not just learn but practice and integrate the new skills you'll be learning. These calls are recorded and available in the membership hub for you to watch at your convenience

Empowered Weight Loss Community

This is your 911 Trigger line! This amazing community is available to you for support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you’re feeling triggered or losing momentum, call on this community ANY time to help you get back on track.

Imagine a lifeline of supportive friends all on the same journey with you, all of us supporting each other to learn and grow.

You never have to feel alone on your weight loss journey again!

Plus, These Amazing Bonuses!

Weekly Meal Plans

Not sure how to get started with your new healthy life?

Worried that cooking is going to take all of your time?

Here's your solution!

24 WEEKS worth of meal plans with recipes, grocery lists, and prep guides to make the meal planning habit easy (and tasty!).

Healthy eating doesn't get any easier than this!

Value: $480

Dress Your Body, Feel Beautiful

If you hate shopping for clothes, this bonus is for you!

The very talented Lisa Cortes takes three of our students shopping and we caught it all on video. This training is invaluable, as you will discover what styles to look for that will flatter your body whatever its shape may be and whatever occasion your are dressing for.

Value: $300

Boundary Badassery for Weight Loss with Nancy Levin

Not sure what boundaries are, or how to set them or how to keep them?

This interview with best selling author and boundaries expert Nancy Levin specifically addresses Boundaries and Weight Loss. Nancy is a master at the art of boundary setting...without conflict. She teaches us how to become boundary badasses, so that we can live our truth without guilt. This training alone is going to be so valuable to you it will change your life forever.

Value: $197

Look Who  Else Is Empowered


Inches are down and Energy Up!

I no longer use a CPAP as I don’t snore. My neck circumference is down 5 inches! I can now keep up with my kids physically and my energy level is so much higher!


Learned to Nourish My Body & Soul

I learned how to nourish both my body and soul with Dr. Angela's unique holistic approach. I will never have to go on the diet roller coaster again.


I'm finally balanced & happy in my own skin!

Dr. Angela is teaching me about food, habits, emotions, loving yourself and more. I'm getting the support I need to continue my weight loss journey and being happy in my own skin.


  • Waking up with boundless energy excited to start your day
  • Opening your closet...and knowing everything fits
  • Enjoying family activities, knowing you're able to keep up
  • Feeling confident and happy at parties or family gatherings
  • Not obsessing over everything you put in your mouth
  • Being able to relax because you know your weight loss is on autopilot!
  • Walking through life with your head high, your shoulders back and reveling in the fact that you’ve become exactly the woman you want to be!

This isn’t some fairytale list. This can be your new reality.

You deserve this!

Yes, I'm Ready!


So worth the read...


"I Transformed My Life with Empowered Weight Loss!"

I have experienced a continuing pattern of weight gain and loss on repeat, fatigue, increased A1C, sadness and frustration with myself. Why can't I do this when I know what needs to be done?

Empowered Weight Loss gave me a new perspective. Obesity is a disease, not a character flaw. This is a comprehensive program that looks more than skin deep. It looks into why we do what we do and the false identities or beliefs that we may be carrying around with us. EWL explores the deeper behavioral modification issues that hold so many of us back without us realizing it. It covers all the bases - metabolism, habits, emotions and identity. There is an online community where we Zoom for meetings and if you miss you can watch the replays.

It is a safe place to share and hear real life examples.

With an almost 50# weight loss, the proof is in the pudding so to speak! I learned so much about obesity as a disease, the impact of refined sugar and processed foods on my body and the influence of my identity and false beliefs on my health. It's a sustainable program. So glad I joined!


"Physician's Journey to Empowered Weight Loss Success" 

I battled the dieting yo-yo for years, going from 'Yes, I can do this!' to 'I give up' as willpower waned. It was all about restrictions, counting points; and reaching a 'goal weight,' ignoring the emotional reasons behind my eating habits.

Then, I discovered Dr. Angela's Empowered Weight Loss program through a successful friend. I started with the Done with Dieting Bootcamp and binged on her Keep the Weight Off podcasts, which gave me a terrific foundation to begin my weight loss journey. As a physician, I wish I had had all these tools as I was working with my own patients!

The real work happens in Empowered Weight Loss, because you address the emotional component of your eating habits. In the weekly Zoom calls, you learn, share and challenge yourself with tools to address eating behaviors and self identity, and you learn how to empower yourself.

Since joining EWL, I have lost 30#. And the best part? With the tools that I have learned, I’m no longer worried that I will be yo-yoing in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

You deserve to live your life proud of how you look and who you are!

You deserve to feel amazing in your body. 

And you deserve to start that journey NOW!


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You deserve to live your life proud of how you look and who you are!

You deserve to feel amazing in your body. 

And you deserve to start that journey NOW!

Pick the Plan that's Right For You

All Plans Come With a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Monthly Membership

Monthly Payments of $49/mo

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6 Month Membership

Just $247 for 6 months
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