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Beyond Willpower: Oprah Reveals the Truth About Obesity


Hey there!

We're thrilled to announce the latest episode of the Keep the Weight Off podcast, where we delve into the insightful and empowering "Shame, Blame and the Weight Loss Revolution" Oprah special that aired recently on ABC! 🌟


In this episode of the podcast, you'll learn:

🔹 The significance of recognizing obesity as a disease and the importance of reducing stigma and shame around it.

🔹 Insights into Oprah's personal struggles with weight and her journey through dieting and its aftermath.

🔹 Understanding the body's signals and the futility of overriding them, illustrated with an analogy from Dr. Angela’s recent stress test.

🔹 The societal discrimination faced by individuals with obesity and the need for comprehensive treatment approaches.


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Episode Highlight:


(12:15) Oprah talked about how people like her with obesity are discriminated against all the time in our society. She said that discriminating against people with obesity is one of the last acceptable biases. Insurance companies put up all sorts of barriers for people getting treatment and they tell people over and over again "You should just diet and exercise, this is a cosmetic issue". So the insurance companies are perpetuating this bias, and we know well how hard it is to get people the treatment that they need.

(19:59) Marchelle: It was hard for me to accept where I'm at now; I feel like it's not real because I was so used to living the life of somebody that's overweight…when I look in the mirror I can still see that other person that I used to be. Which is something that I'm working on. I know that this is a journey for me.

(27:19) No miracle medication's going to fix all this, despite what we want and what we hope for. There's no gastric bypass, or pill, or injection that is going to cure this disease because it's so complex and you have to really deal with the entire disease of obesity and that means what's going on in your heart and in your mind as well. That's why you need to get with a community that you can work on that part of it. It's not just the eating part… If you don't get with a professional that knows about this disease, you're just going to keep “yo yoing.” The stuff that goes on inside your brain, inside your emotions, and your emotional attachment to food, are so important to treat as well. And I don't think that you can do one without the other and have long term success.


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