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The "Belly Blues"


The struggle is real....

  • People feel like no matter how hard¬†they try,¬†they can't get rid of belly fat...
  • They have several sizes of clothes in¬†their¬†closet because they're never sure which ones will fit...
  • They struggle with low energy or foggy brain...
  • They feel like they¬†have no willpower¬†around food...
  • They start a diet but then give up because¬†they have such terrible cravings...
  • They may have diabetes or prediabetes...
  • They feel like their¬†life has gotten smaller as they have gotten bigger... (This is how one of my precious clients put it).



It's possible to get rid of belly fat!


Belly fat is a different type of fat that doesn’t respond to calorie counting, crazy exercise regimens, sit ups and everything else you’ve tried.

"Dr. Angela's Belly Buster Challenge" is a powerful (and FREE!) 4 day Challenge that will explain the CAUSE of belly fat, so that it's easy to know EXACTLY what to do to get rid of it!

I teach the science in an easy-to-understand format, and people come out of the challenge knowing more about how to get rid of belly fat than their own doctor! 


Join me for this challenge! Participants will...

  • Lose belly fat without dieting (They're amazed at what happens when one uses science instead of gimmicks!)
  • Feel more control around food... like a normal eater!
  • Reclaim¬†their health! Especially¬†those with¬†insulin resistance, prediabetes or diabetes¬†need this challenge!
  • Have more energy and greater focus (No more¬†food¬†comas!)
  • Pull those smaller clothes out of the back of¬†their¬†closet and look great in them!
  • Gain back the energy needed to move easily, with so much less pain!
  • Reclaim¬†a natural glow (no more processed food bloat face!)

Join me and start losing belly fat quickly, 
feel in control and finally make peace with food.


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Discover the truth behind belly fat and how to finally get rid of it.

Hi! I'm Dr. Angela... 

I’m a Board-certified Obesity Medicine specialist with 16 years of experience, and I'm the host of the "Keep the Weight Off" Podcast.  

I help women banish belly fat, rebalance their metabolism, and get their vitality back so they can confidently thrive in the healthy vibrant bodies they were born to be living in.  

Over the years, I have studied the countless weight-loss programs on the market and it’s no wonder they don’t work for so many people.

90% of them are a "quick fix solution"... counting calories, restricting your food intake, exercising like a maniac, and changing your lifestyle in ways that just aren’t realistic to the modern, busy woman.

Not only that, but these programs completely fail to consider YOUR SPECIFIC METABOLIC MAKE-UP, and your body's response to foods. 

To lose weight and keep it off, you need a comprehensive approach, so you can learn how to spot the forces at work behind the scenes in your own brain and body, and rewire them to work for you, not against you!

This challenge is your first step in the journey - so if you're ready, LET'S GO!!


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Here's What We'll Cover in 4 Transformative Days

What We'll Cover

Day 1: Discover the nasty effects of sugar and flour products on your body and your brain, so you can fuel your resolve to ditch the junk...You'll understand why you have weird symptoms like skin rashes and diarrhea that doctors can't seem to find an answer for. 

Day 2: Understand the "Fat Myth" and why it's so important to stop counting calories and learn to think differently...If you have prediabetes or diabetes, this information is LIFE CHANGING!  You'll know more than almost all diabetes educators!

Day 3: Discover an easy way to manage a key hormone that will make or break your weight loss goals!

Day 4:  Everything you need to know to set yourself up for SUCCESS in your sugar detox so you can lose fat, get healthy and enjoy life again!

Join me for this challenge so you can 

  • Lose weight without dieting (You’ll be amazed at what happens when you quit eating sugar!)
  • Feel more control around food... like a normal eater!
  • Have more energy and greater focus (No more sugar comas!)
  • Pull those smaller clothes out of the back of your closet and look great in them!
  • Gain back the energy you need to move your body, with so much less pain!
  • Reclaim your natural glow (no more processed food bloated pale face!)
Join me and start healing your love-hate relationship with sugar, so you can feel in control and finally make peace with food.

How the Challenge Works

This is 4-day challenge will take place LIVE inside of Facebook in the Quit Sugar Kickstart Facebook Group. Once you sign up, you’ll be invited to join the group You'll receive daily emails with a link to the Facebook Live sessions which will be held at 4PM PT/5PM MT/6PM CT and 7PM ET.  You'll receive a beautiful workbook with worksheets and handouts so you can always remember what you are learning.  You are free to ask questions as we go.  There will be a daily challenge, and YES, there will be prizes! 

If you can't make it live, don't worry, everything is recorded and will be there in the Facebook group when you are ready. 

If you do not have a Facebook account, you can join with a fake name and a new gmail account (you just have to tell US what that fake name is so we know it's you!

Why Belly Fat is Different

Belly fat doesn't respond well to low calorie diets and treadmill workouts. That's because it's actually "sick fat." I explain in simple terms why it's important to lose belly fat, so one can live a long happy healthy life!

All About Insulin Resistance

Many people have been told they're "insulin resistant" or "prediabetic." I'll explain exactly what this means, and how to get healthy again.  Participants end up knowing more than most diabetes educators about prediabetes and diabetes! This information is LIFE CHANGING!  

A Simple Formula

Discover an easy way to manage a key hormone that will make or break a weight loss goal!  Use this formula with all foods to determine whether or not to eat them... anyone with an A1c of 5.7 or higher WILL REALLY BENEFIT!

Your 3 Step Process

SUCCESS requires preparation!   Get set up for success in 3 steps, and lose fat, get healthy and enjoy life again!


My whole life I have been overweight. I was the little kid on the playground being called ‘fatty.’

In my twenties I joined Weight Watchers and stayed with them for thirty years...following their plan to the tee and NEVER keeping the weight off. At 60 I gave up and resolved myself to being overweight, tired and achy.

With Dr. Angela's help, I was able to kick my sugar addiction, and now my clothes fit and I can bend over without hurting myself.

I finally feel happy in my own skin. Thank you Dr. Angela!


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The sooner one banishes belly fat the sooner one can reclaim their health!

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How the Challenge Works

This is 4-day challenge will take place LIVE inside of Facebook in the Belly Buster's Challenge Facebook Group at 4:30pm PT/5:30pm MT/6:30pmCT and 7:30pmET.  

Daily Tutorials

Learn from a compassionate medical doctor just what belly fat does to the body and the brain, why weight loss can seem so difficult and temporary at best, and what to do to ensure a healthy, most vibrant life!

Daily Challenges

Follow along with simple daily challenges that will motivate and prepare participants to take action! PLUS, there will be daily prizes! 

Community Support

We'll all work on this challenge together and make surprising discoveries in our own kitchens... with the help of a medical doctor!

Listen to What People Say About this Challenge

Finding my Waistline

"I am confident that with what you taught me, I will reverse my pre-diabetes and get rid of my belly fat. Here’s to finally finding my waistline again!"


Seeing It All Differently

"I really see it all different now. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I really enjoyed everything."



"I loved that Dr Angela took so much time to answer our questions... I was so impressed with Dr Angela and her information that I joined EWL immediately after the challenge."
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Frequently Asked Questions

MORE of What People Say About this Challenge...


"I thought it was stress and depression that was stealing my energy and motivation but very recently went to the chriopractor for what I thought was a pinched nerve causing agonizing pain.  I found out it was advanced arthritis, most likely caused by years of consuming sugar and flour. Shock!"

Bring It On!

"If the first few videos are an indicator of what is to come... I say bring it on! I'm up for the journey!"


Great Info!

"Great info and I would highly recommend,  Thank you for disseminating this life changing Information!"

Life is more enjoyable!

"I have been very surprised by the significant reduction in hot flashes since eradicating sugar from my food intake. It makes life so much more enjoyable!"

A Life Changer!

"Dr Angela answered & explained so much in detail. Definitely worth 1 hour per day. This is a life changer!" 


"Thankful for this challenge to help get the weight loss mindset back!"

Normal Blood Sugars!

"I loved that Dr. Angela answered our questions and was very positive that we can do this. My blood sugars are now in the normal range! am so excited to share with my family and friends."


I learned... 

"I learned about the link between insulin and fat...That sugar is a poison with a known safe dose. How sugar effects the brain…..so much!"



Thank you!

"I enjoyed learning all the basics about how our pancreas works and insulin resistance. Thank you, Dr. Angela, for caring enough to share your knowledge and experience with others!!" 
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