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Boundary Badassery for Weight Loss with Nancy Levin


We hope your holiday preparations are going smoothly! 🎄

We're thrilled to announce the latest episode of the Keep the Weight Off Podcast. 🎙️

In this captivating interview, Dr. Angela sits down with the incredible Dr. Nancy Levin, a renowned expert in boundaries. Get ready for a transformative journey as they dive deep into the world of boundaries and empowerment.

Prepare to be amazed as Nancy sheds light on a topic that can change your life, especially during the holidays!

Here are some of the highlights from our conversation that you won't want to miss:

🚫 Busting the myths about boundaries: Discover the surprising truth about boundaries that will shift your perspective and empower you in unexpected ways.

💖 Boundaries are graceful: Unlock the secret to setting boundaries with elegance and love, leaving behind fear and apology.

🤝 The Importance of Support: Learn why having the right support system can be the key to transforming your journey as you explore the world of boundaries.


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Have a Happy Healthy Holiday!


Episode Highlights:

(03:29) One of the biggest myths I will bust around boundaries is that other people cross our boundaries; if my boundaries are being crossed, I'm the one crossing my own boundaries because it's not anyone else's job to uphold honor or respect or maintain my boundaries, it’s up to me. It's a huge shift, but what it does is it really moves us out of victim and blame and into responsibility and empowerment.


(24:38) All of this can be done with grace and with love. This doesn't have to be done out of fear, it doesn't have to be done out of conflict, and it doesn't have to be done with apology.

This is a big one, especially for women. We don't need to apologize for our truth, we don't need to give a reason or an excuse for our truth. It's not my responsibility to manage anyone's response to my own truth, because that's another way we cross our own boundaries. I crossed my boundary into your territory, trying to manage you and your experience. And that's manipulation, that's control.

(45:38) Having support to do this sort of thing is critical because this can feel like lonely work. We’re so used to the default and this is really creating a whole new pattern for ourselves.

Part of it is getting clear on what am I saying yes to and what am I saying no to. And that's where the choices have to begin. So many of us, especially the people pleasers and the conflict avoiders, go into what I call the knee-jerk yes; a request is made of us and we go into the knee-jerk yes, and we want to fix, heal and rescue, and we say yes out of some sense of responsibility or obligation. We don't want someone else to be hurt, we want to be the hero. None of those reasons is a reason to say yes. The only reason to say yes to anything at all is desire. 


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