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Sugar Season Survival Guide: Navigating the Sweet Temptations of Fall and Beyond


As we step into the enchanting yet challenging "Sugar Season," Marchelle and I delve into the deliberate strategies employed by the food and beverage industry to tempt us during the upcoming months.


From pumpkin spice lattes to Halloween treats, Thanksgiving feasts to Valentine's Day chocolates, we uncover the marketing tactics designed to trigger our cravings… and offer valuable insights into how to resist these temptations.


In this episode, you'll discover:


πŸ›‘οΈ How to protect yourself from sugar binges during the 7-8 month "Sugar Season."

🧠 Insights into why the struggle with weight isn't your fault.

πŸŽƒ Creative alternatives to sugary Halloween treats that kids will love.

βš•οΈ The health implications of excessive sugar consumption.

🌟 Strategies to navigate the temptation-filled holiday season with ease.


Don't let “Sugar Season" take control of your health and wellness journey!


Tune in to this insightful episode and equip yourself with the knowledge needed to make informed choices.


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Stay tuned, stay healthy, and enjoy the upcoming "Sugar Season" with confidence!





Episode Highlights:


(03:21) β€ŠWith the dreary weather coming back to the Pacific Northwest, it's that time of year again, I call it “sugar season”. What I'm talking about here is a deliberate attempt by the food and beverage industry to get us to indulge as the weather starts to get icky, we’re really kind of starting to hunker down, and we naturally start to want to eat more and the food industry takes full advantage of this in their marketing tactics.


(11:35) We certainly don't want to take all the fun out of Halloween so let's think about what we can do instead. Maybe you can give some other sort of little treats instead of candy, for example; kids love bendable pencils, silly straws, temporary tattoos, bracelets, etc. Be creative, there are lots of little things available at the dollar store besides the candy.


(13:53) I want you, our listeners, to feel good about letting go of the sugary treats on Halloween, and here’s why you can: The first thing is you get sugar season started the right way, send a message to yourself that you're not going to buy into this deliberate effort by the food industry to sell junk food for the next six to seven months. The second thing is you're going to be on the leading edge of preventing diabetes. The third thing is that you get to make sure that your house is not filled with temptation.


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