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Breaking Free: Overcoming Emotional Eating


Hey there!


 ðŸŒŸ Are you ready to dive into a topic that impacts almost everyone? 🌟


 Join Dr. Angela and Marchelle, for our latest podcast episode, where we explore the fascinating world of emotional eating and how it influences our lives, whether we struggle with weight or not! 🤔

🔍 Here’s what we uncover in this powerful episode:


🍽️ An insightful definition of emotional eating.
🍕 Discover why emotional eating can sometimes spiral in our modern food landscape.
💖 Free yourself from all of the guilt and self-judgment.

🍫🧠 Unveil the science behind cravings for candy, chips, and ice cream when we're hurt or stressed.
💪 Learn powerful steps to overcome emotional eating.
🌟 Embrace emotional eating as a path of self-discovery and growth.


Break free from emotional eating’s grasp and unlock your true potential! 🗝️✨


Remember, we're all in this together, and your journey matters! 🚀🌟


Wishing you an enlightening and transformative listening experience! 🎙️💫


Episode Highlights:

(4:43)  Foods like pizza, chips, bread, and soda are not foods that are found in nature and they've been engineered for pleasure. They give us a huge hit of dopamine. Whenever we eat them or drink them, that gives us a dopamine hit. So the food industry does a really good job of doing their research to find out just how to engineer these foods to create the most dopamine.

(16:00) Our emotional lives are 50/50. No matter what our circumstances are, we can always expect that we’ll have at least half of our time spent in negative emotions, and that's normal. The problem with buffering is that the consequences of it end up adding even more negative emotion to the mix, so now, instead of 50/50, we're feeling crappy 80% of the time, and we only get these rare glimpses of positive emotion. This is why it's so important to stop buffering and learn how to feel the negative emotions.

(23:26) Investigate the feelings you're having, name them to the best of your ability. Do some journaling if needed to accurately pinpoint the emotion. This can be really liberating and you'll know exactly what to do to make things right in your world, but many times there are deeper issues going on, and sometimes we're in jobs that are not right for us, or we're in marriages that are not right for us, and we're just tolerating this because we know that we can eat our way through the stress of being unfulfilled. This is another reason why the journey to lasting weight loss is a journey of profound personal evolution.


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