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Are Processed Foods as Addictive as Nicotine?

Got a craving for something processed?

Don't worry, you're not alone - research reveals that pizza and cigarettes have more in common than one might think!

Join Marchelle and I on this two-part podcast as we dig into the science of addiction to show just how closely connected processed food addiction is with nicotine. Say goodbye to guilt over your snack habits – Tune in for a deep dive into addiction science that could prove life changing!

Episode highlights:

(10:17) β€ŠThe Surgeon General used three criteria to determine that tobacco products are addictive; the first is their ability to cause highly compulsive use, the second is that they cause mood altering effects, and the third is that use becomes reinforcing. Since that report was produced, research has identified a fourth criteria that we can use to determine if a substance is addictive, and that is its capacity to trigger strong urges or cravings.

(13:27) So it turns out that when you have machines do all the work, you create a product that has much higher addiction potential because there's much quicker absorption of the addictive substance. In addition, both the tobacco industry and the food industry use additives that enhance the addictive potential of the substance.

(18:39) In the processing of food, they've added chemicals to it to make it shelf stable, and really enhance the smell and the flavor and the texture of the food, and that's what enhances the addictive quality of it. They've also made it cheap and inexpensive.


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