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Can you imagine losing the weight, loving yourself all the way down the scale, and giving away all your large clothes, knowing you will never need them again?

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Your first step is to register for my free course
“The Four Stages of Weight Mastery.”


In this course, I explain the truth about weight loss, and what it actually takes to lose weight and keep it off. 

I bust through a lot of diet myths and decades of misinformation. 

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Hi, I’m Dr. Angela Zechmann

I’m a medical doctor who specializes in weight loss medicine, and truthfully, I’ve never been massively overweight.

But I have had an incredibly unhealthy relationship with food.

I suffered from a wild sugar addiction which I tried to combat with restrictive dieting and excessive exercising. I even went so far as to enter a figure contest in an effort to get my sugar addiction under control before it sabotaged me. I knew if I was in this contest, I would be too embarrassed to be seen on stage out of shape so I thought it might inspire me to form better habits.

But it was an extremely unhealthy diet rollercoaster that really damaged my metabolism, and it’s taken me years to recover from it. Essentially, I learned everything to NEVER do again!

Most medical doctors are not trained in how to help people lose weight. But when I discovered a little-known field of medicine called “Obesity Medicine” I relished studying this knowledge, because I saw how much it helped me and could help others too! I realized that I could use my knowledge of nutrition and exercise to help people lose weight and get healthy in a sane and safe way - and when I learned the science of it and became board certified in Obesity Medicine I became really passionate about helping people overcome the damage that gets done by these crazy diets so they can live normal healthy lives.

I was doing a lot of personal development on my own and when I started teaching what I was learning to some of my patients in the course of the weight-loss program I designed for them, they began to experience RAPID results!

Then it hit me-

I understand what goes on in our heads around our weight issues and how we sabotage ourselves without even realizing AND I also understand the medical science of it and know how to treat it. And what had finally worked for me and was working for my patients was a recalibration of both the mind and the body at the same time!

So I decided to combine what I had learned on my own with the psychology of weight loss and I organized it into a step by step process to help women get at the true core of their weight issues.

The results were ASTOUNDING!

But over my 12 years of helping people in the office I realized that there were women all over the world struggling with their weight! That’s when I knew I had to package this up and get it to more people. So I decided to create Journey Beyond Weight Loss, an online membership that helps people learn everything they need to lose weight and keep it off.

You deserve to live your life proud of how you look and who you are! You deserve to feel amazing in your body.
And you deserve to start that journey NOW!