Has Covid Stress Got You...

Comforting Yourself with Food?

If your button-pants are no longer buttoning, you’re not alone!

If you want help through this, I've developed this special guide to help you overcome stress eating.

“Conquer Emotional Eating,
Even During A Crisis”

I'm Ready

Almost everyone struggles with emotional eating.

It’s bad enough when routines are normal, but now that most of us are out of our routines, life can feel very insecure. And now, many of us find ourselves using food to comfort (and entertain!) ourselves when we have less of the important human interaction due to social distancing.

Especially when we’re feeling anxious, bored, stressed or tired, we give ourselves permission to eat unhealthy food. We are looking for some sort of immediate gratification to deal with life’s pressures.

It’s so easy to give in to our emotions… and we can have conversations in our head all day… but in the end, we just cave. We feel better immediately, but unfortunately that feeling is temporary … and often, we’re left feeling ashamed of ourselves.

If you want help, this special guide is filled with helpful tips to get you through these challenging times.

I'm Ready to Conquer Emotional Eating

I’m Angela Zechmann, MD.

I’m a weight loss specialist and a Board-Certified Obesity Medicine physician. I’ve been helping people lose weight and keep it off for more than a decade.

Every day I meet people who struggle with emotional eating. My patients are struggling more than usual in these unprecedented times. So I decided to put this guide together to help them, and YOU, get through this crisis without having to buy a new wardrobe once it’s over. It’s eye-opening and thorough.

Just what the doctor ordered.

To your health!

Dr. Angela

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