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Announcing the Sugar Buster’s Kickoff Challenge!!!


Hey, it’s Dr Angela here!

I’m super excited to invite you to join my Sugar Busters Kickoff Challenge.

Listen, this is a three day challenge. That’s it. Just three days, November 12th 13th and 14th.

Over those 3 days, you’re going to discover:

  • how to lose that excess weight for the last time.
  • I’m gonna teach you how to shift the way you look at your weight loss. (No more diets!)
  • The chemistry behind why lasting weight loss is such a struggle.
  • And the one critical mistake you need to avoid if you want to put your weight loss on autopilot.

So if your excess weight feels like a constant burden and you’re beginning to feel hopeless or powerless to change it, this challenge is for you! Because there’s hope, a lot of hope.

I’ve helped thousands through this and I know I can help you too. And this is the perfect time right before the holidays. Imagine getting control of this now so you don’t have to face a new decade with more weight to lose. So go ahead and click that button and sign up today and I’ll see you there.

To your health!

– Dr. Angela


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