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Sugar-Coated: The Sweet Truth About Your “Healthy” Foods

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Get ready for an eye-opening episode of the Keep the Weight Off podcast with Dr. Angela and Marchelle. This week, they're uncovering the truth about hidden sugars in foods that are often marketed as healthy.


Here’s what you’ll learn:


🕵️‍♂️ The Hidden Sugar Trap: Find out how even the most health-conscious among us (Dr. Angela included) can get tricked by clever marketing.

🥤 Surprising Finds: Hear about Dr. Angela’s discovery in a seemingly healthy snack, and Marchelle’s revelation about a grocery store yogurt parfait.

🍇 Natural vs. Added Sugars: Learn the difference between natural sugars found in fruits and dairy and the added sugars that can sabotage your health goals.

🔍 Label Reading Tips: Gain practical advice on how to scrutinize food labels to really know what you’re eating before you take that first bite.

🚫 Avoiding Sugar Pitfalls: Get tips on how to spot and avoid foods with hidden sugars that can lead to unwanted health issues.

🧐 Pantry Challenge: Join Dr. Angela and Marchelle in a challenge to identify hidden sugars in your own pantry and refrigerator.


This episode is not just informative—it's a wake-up call!


Tune in to empower yourself against the sneaky tactics of the food industry and make healthier choices every day.


Episode Highlights:

(07:38) There are many healthy foods that have sugar in them; it could be milk sugar, which is called lactose, in milk and yogurt; it could be fruit sugar, which is called fructose. Fruit juices and dried fruits may all have natural sugar in them.… The problem is when they dump a whole bunch of extra added sugar in it, and that will be very specifically labeled on the food label.

(10:13) You really just want to avoid anything that has added sugar in it, unless you're purposefully having a splurge. For example: if it's your birthday and you're going to have a piece of birthday cake, that is a lot of added sugar, but you know it. What I'm trying to help you become aware of is all those times when you think you're picking something healthy and you don't realize it has added sugar. Like those instant oatmeals, for example.

(13:44) I just want our listeners to become aware that (the food industry is) adding sugar to foods when they shouldn't be; if you pick a breakfast cereal, you can pretty much be guaranteed that it's got added sugar in it. I want you to be looking for things that you think are good for you, like granola bars, yogurts, or salad dressings. There are so many things that you think are good for you and the food industry's dumped a whole bunch of sugar in it.



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