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I Look and Feel Great... Why Do I Want to Lose More?

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🎉 Exciting news! We've just released a brand new episode of the Keep the Weight Off podcast with Dr. Angela and Marchelle, and you won't want to miss it!


In this episode, we delve into a common phenomenon that many of us experience but might not fully understand: Why we're never satisfied, even when we've achieved our weight loss goals.


Here's a sneak peek of what you'll learn by tuning in:

🔍 Understanding the root cause: Dr. Angela and Marchelle share insights into why our brains are wired to constantly seek more, even when we've accomplished remarkable milestones in our weight loss journey.

🧠 Overcoming shame: Explore the deep-seated emotions of shame that often accompany weight loss and learn how to address them effectively.

🎯 The Arrival Fallacy: Discover why reaching your goal weight might not bring the everlasting happiness you expect and how to navigate this common misconception.

🍽️ Tackling primitive brain talk: Learn how to identify and redirect primitive impulses that might sabotage your weight maintenance efforts, especially during vacation splurges.

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Episode Highlights:

(03:14) I just want all our listeners to know that there are people out there who are NOT going to just tell you, “Hey, this is all your fault, stop eating so much and exercise and that's going to solve all your problems!” If you need any help with this disease, and you're looking for a specialist in Obesity, just go to That's the American Board of Obesity Medicine. Here you'll get a list of health care professionals actually board certified in Obesity Medicine who understand what you're going through.

(06:28) Here's what I discovered from my own experience; I was trying to fix an underlying sense of shame with my dieting, and some of the shame comes from our primitive brains because self-criticism is a survival instinct in the primitive brain. So when we feel threatened by something outside of ourselves that we can't control, we have a tendency to blame ourselves and to feel shame for it, and this is normal. A lot of us are walking around with this primitive brain that is criticizing us all the time and then we're feeling all of this shame.

(14:09) Your primitive brain wants its pleasure hit. It's okay. Nothing wrong. We just have to redirect. I do this by reminding myself that processed food, like cake and cookies and chips, are just really toxic and unhealthy things. I don't want to indulge in these things because I see them in the same way I see cigarettes.


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